No Phone
or Internet happens

If the phone and internet lines were down how would you keep in touch, arrange to meet up, keep up with news and weather alerts?

In most emergencies it’s best to stay in your own home, so make you home your meeting place and have an alternative in case you can’t get there.

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Plan a meeting point

Talk to your family about how you will get in touch and where you will meet up in an emergency if the phone lines and/or internet are down.

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If you have kids

If you have kids, make sure you know the school/day care’s emergency plans and give the school names of three people who could pick the kids up if you can’t get there.

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Stay tuned in

Have a solar or battery powered radio so you can keep up with the latest news and alerts. Know which radio stations to tune in to for information during an emergency.

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Out of town contact

Have an out of town contact that everyone knows about (sometimes when local phone lines are down you can still reach people outside your area). Get everyone to check in with your out of town contact by text or online messaging in an emergency if you can.

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Keep a list

Keep a written list of important phone numbers.

Top Tip

In an emergency phone lines can become overloaded quickly. Keep them clear so emergency calls can be made and, if you can, use text or online messaging to keep in touch.