Have to Evacuate happens

In an emergency, some houses, streets and neighbourhoods may not be safe to stay in and you may have to leave home in a hurry.

If your street was evacuated where would you go? What would you take? What about pets? Do you have neighbours who might need your help?

Icon of a packed rucksack

Pack a getaway bag

Have a getaway bag ready for everyone in your family with warm clothes, a bottle of water, snacks, copies of important documents and photo ID. Remember any medications you might need and keep your first aid kit, torch, radio and batteries somewhere you can grab them in a hurry.

Icon of group of people and a map marker

Decide where to go

Decide where you will go (and make sure everyone in your family knows, in case you’re not all together). Your evacuation place will probably be with friends or family, so make sure they know your plans.

Icon of a map maker within a zone

Check your zone

If you live in a tsunami zone, make sure your evacuation place is outside of the zone (check with your council for zone maps).

Top Tip

If you have to leave home, take your pets with you. If it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for them. Make sure your evacuation place will take your pets or have the contact details for kennels, catteries and pet friendly motels.